Do I Really Need a Website?

The short answer is YES you do. Would your business do well without a phone number? It IS the same with a website.

Did you know nearly 8 in 10 Canadians are online, and the vast majority of those are daily users and that number keeps growing?

I have the same frustrations as other users when I search for a specific product or service using a site like or Google to find the related businesses. Of course, the results show almost every business because they all have phone numbers, but when I want to explore further, I find many businesses still do not have a website. I visit the ones that do, and usually buy what I need from one of them. It is not just me, so many web savvy people do the same, so if you do not have a website, YOU ARE LOSING BUSINESS!!!

Some businesses believe they can get by just using social media, but those resources are not readily available to all, and can only feature a very limited sample of the true potential of a business.

A website also becomes a tangible business asset so the value of your investment grows.

More proof?

Several years ago I wanted to buy a years worth of curb side recycling services for someone who lived in different city where private services were the only option. Five businesses were listed, yet only one had a website. It was a simple site, but it showed the prices, schedule, contact info, and everything I needed to know about their service. I contacted them and made the arrangements. Maybe one of the competitors had a better deal, but it would have been a lot more effort on my part to find out. I am not alone.

Do you find the thought of a website confusing and intimidating?

That is understandable, especially since everyone seems to have a different opinion about everything you need to have a website, like the price, the domain, the code, the hosting, and other technical information beyond the scope of those outside the field. But the decisions made now will affect outcomes for years to come, so it is worth looking around and asking questions. With over ten years experience in the business, Daystar Concepts will help you make informed decisions.